Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Homestead Full of Beauty

When I was a teenager, I began to stoll more slowly by my mom's bookshelves and my heart began to dance.  I had walked by so many times before, but something was different......

Reading the spines of the books, I became intrigued and started pulling out books and was never the same.

I knew that my mom liked to read and was always learning something new.  I loved her for that.  I never had taken the time however, to look at the well at which she drew so much knowledge from until I became a later teen.

My mother is an incredible woman.  I have always felt an awe about her and have felt to be the daughter of royalty.  She has the looks and class of Jackie Onassis Kennedy.  She has the humble-ness and gentleness of spirit of Mother Theresa.  I am incredibly blessed.

Looking at her bookshelves, I saw many parenting books from Dr. James Dobson, christian living and marriage books, homemaking and decorating books.  Among them, I became aquainted with author Alexandra Stoddard who had made a profound affect on my mother's knowledge and quest of beauty in the world around her.  My mom discerned through some of Alexandra Stoddard's worldview and extracted gems on the topic of God-made beauty.

I have never been the same since my stolling past my mother's bookshelves.  In my own home now, I have bookshelves lined with many of the same books that enriched my mother's life.  Among them, I have my own Alexandra Stoddard's books whom I have learned a great from: how to make my life and homestead beautiful....everyday.

In the next several posts, I would like to share with you some of the wonderful gems I extracted from Mrs. Stoddard's books and live out with my precious family. 
I hope they will be a good springboard for those who read and customize to their own life and

Have a blessed Autumn day!

Under His Wings,


  1. I was a teenager when I discovered Alexandra Stoddard's books, too! When a friend and I were discussing one that I had read, we found out that her mother actually owned 2 others, and so we read those (her mother loaned them to me!) and we enjoyed them so much! A few years later I bought a copy of one of them for a friend on her birthday (Living a Beautiful Life). I love her books! It's been a while since I have read them; it's time for a good reread!

  2. I found Alexandra Stoddard as a young wife and mother almost 20 years ago, and have to say she changed my life, as corny as that sounds.