Sunday, December 8, 2013

A French-Inspired Christmas


     For the last several years, as I have pulled out all the Christmas decorations, I have felt dissatisfied with what I saw.  Through out the year, I had seen how my tastes had changed in the way I decorated our home, now I was feeling it as I dug through the boxes of Christmas decorations. 

      My eyes passed over the reindeer, snowmen and other "cutsie" and rather loud type of decorations and searched for the reverential and rustic manger.  As a follower of Christ, I have craved for the Christ child be center, not lost among the loads of decorations.  For years I have desired this.......yet the manger slowly and quietly suffocated.  
     As I have thought about how to resuscitate the manger, I have discovered a way that might be just what I desired.  An Old World style, French-inspired to be exact, one that would be simple and beautiful.  It would be the perfect backdrop to exalt the One who came on a dark and quiet night, long ago..... 

                                           Here is some ideas that I have been enjoying......       
      French Linens. 


miniature stockings....

Jeanne Oliver



     Beautiful as well as versatile Cloche's......



a wonderful way to display old pictures
of those we love (and maybe no longer here)

     Natural Elements.......Displaying His fragrant and beautiful creation.  Pinecones, moss, berries, boxwood, pine branches, nuts and twigs.



      Lanterns, to light even the darkest of winter nights.........




     French Food.....( beautifully presented and slowly savored. I know, not really decorating)
Buche de Noelle

Strawberry Crepes
chocolaty Eclairs....


No matter the styles we choose to adorn our home this Christmas, may the beautiful things we place around us, point our hearts and minds towards the precious Savior.  May we consciously choose to nudge back those things that slowly and evocatively try to suffocate the manger's prominence both in our thoughts and in our home and bring forth the Christ Child.
May His Love be the gift that we bestow onto those we love and be the aroma that dwells within our homes.

Christmas Blessings,



  1. Beautiful. Simple and elegant.

  2. What a beautiful post and I love that ornament in the last photo. I share your sentiments to make this Christmas more simple and Christ focused.

  3. Gorgeous ideas. I love the ice skates. All very warm and welcoming.

  4. Really beautiful images and ideas for a peaceful holiday season. Thank you for sharing with the Farmgirl Friday Community! Merry Christmas, Deb

  5. Beautiful! Pinning a few images to remember them next year.