Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Persuasions

Browsing the shelves of a local bookstore last January, I discovered a beautiful copy of Jane Austen's "Persuasion". Inspired by the chill and bareness of the post-holiday atmosphere, I purchased it and thus began my literary adventureLittle did I know at the time, Austen would reveal to me the immense power we either give to or bestow onto others. 

By definition, Persuation is..." the act of persuading or seeking to persuade...the state or fact of being persuaded or convinced....a deep conviction or belief.." (Webster's College Dictionary).

As I read the story, I kept thinking about life, my own convictions and how I developed them.  I also pondered the influences in my life: books, movies, sermons/ministries, music, blogs, friendships & family are some of the major persuading contributors. 

As a follower of the Most High, I attempt to filter all that I think & do through the His Word. Sometimes it requires making hard choices that may require more work or the unapproval of those I cherish.  It is not for the faint of heart.  But this I do know, it is a constant battle, but not without reward.  Our culture is evocative in it's persuation.

This past year, has been a struggle in many lives of those whom are precious to our family.  We have received phone calls in the middle of the night as well as throughout the day with lives whom are shattered.  Because my husband is a counselor, even more so.  As our family has looked at each other as the phone rings, one of us (adults) have quietly slips into another room to talk. 

Our choices are for the most part, a result of being persuaded by something or someone, whether we realize it or not.  Those choices have consequences and eventual fruitition.

This past spring, my daughter's christian homeschool theatre group preformed an adaptation of Jane Austen' "Persuasion" at a beautiful, historic theatre in the neighboring town.  The timing of it was really incredible (God-timed) for the topic had been simmering in my own soul.  It has been a catalyst of wonderful conversation with my children throughout the rythmn of our daily lives and the delving into Scripture.

As I continue this on-going pondering of my own persuation, I am aware that persuation will be an essential ingredient in the everyday building of who I am now & in the future.  To compromise & be persuaded by the vaporing values of our culture would be the undoing of all I that is important to me.  So like the watchman of fortress walls, I diligently guard whom & what persuades the wellspring of my being.

Under His Wings (...& His Persuation),

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