Monday, December 23, 2013

Beautiful Gift-Giving...


As I finalize my purchases and check off my lists, I would like to share a couple of ideas about wrapping gifts.  I really enjoy this aspect of gift-giving, maybe as much as I do of the thinking and shopping for those I love. 


To start with, it has been very helpful for me to have a little area where I have everything at my fingertips.  Every year it seems, I have moved  the location of my supplies.  This year, everything I need is in an old dresser from my grandparents.  I also enjoy (although not necessary) putting on Christmas music, maybe a delicious treat, tea and light a fragrant candle (a little idea from Alexandra Stoddard).
Here are some things I love to use:
Paper Flowers....

made with pretty scrapbook paper...
with old sheet music...
with coffee filters (very creative & resourceful!)
Faux Flowers, Greenery & Ornaments
              I try to think of the person I am giving the gift to; what flowers they may love or colors they adore.  Personalizing it makes it such a joy.  It also reminds me how unique and special each loved one is as I wrap.  Aren't you glad that we are not all the same?
Vintage Jewelry...
           I have seen some really beautiful and very inexpensive vintage costume jewelery at thrift stores.  I also, sadly, have lost a part (of a pair) of my inherited jewelry from my grandmother and have used the other piece for my mother or daughters gift wrapping or maybe even a close friend.

A touch of nature tucked in......
       Especially this time of year, I am really beginning to miss my snow-covered garden and all the greenery from outside.  It really gives a wonderful touch and fragrance~very inexpensively or for absolutely no money, if they are from your kitchen windowsill or yard.
Fragrant Herbs
Cinnamon Sticks and Berries
a sprig of Lavender...
       This is such a fun aspect of gift wrapping.  Limited to only you imagination.  Copies of old photos, vintage-inspired empherma around the house, little Christmas cookies (below) as well as beautiful paper adorned with cute buttons.
hang a delicious cookie....

a copy of a cherished photo

an eclectic ephemera mix
Stamps & Buttons


Vintage-Inspired paper
       The last couple years I have really enjoyed this aspect of gift-giving.  There are some truly talented graphic designers who have been so very generous and given free links to their beautiful designs.  This allows for customizing and a really polished, boutique look.
beautiful fravored oils or vinegars

wrapping delicious cookie sleeves

Adorning glass jars
 As you take time to wrap all the gifts you have for loved ones, may you enjoy the beautiful and enjoyable process of pulling it all together.  May I encourage you also, to take time and pray for the person whom you are wrapping the gift for.  For truly it is those in our lives who are the gifts.

May you have a beautiful and blessed Christmas!

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