Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Long Winter's Nap

Like a hibernating creature, I seem to have found myself absent from this dear blog of mine.  Nothing tramatic has occured, nor life uneventful.  The simple discipline of clearing some time and tapping away my thoughts has simply not been done.

Feeling somewhat like a spring bulb unfurling from the melting snow and to the chorus of birdsong, I awake and I write once more.

These last months have been one of quiet reflection of the new year and all it's possibilites, intermingled with purging our home of alot of unnecssaries.  Boxes loaded to Goodwill, drawers and closets invaded and kitchen cabinets inventoried.  A house of six souls can inherently accumulate alot. Quickly.  How freeing it has felt to my soul as well to purge the things that are no longer used.  The quintessential "spring cleaning" I guess one could say.
With the clearing of so much has given me a wonderful palette to add touches of springtime in simple and organic ways.  Using things I own (that I have not given away) has been a great exercise in creativity & being resourceful.
Ideas like the following can be seen throughout my home:
Vibrant Spring Flowers......
Old Bottles Filled With Branches from the outdoors......

Pretty Tea Towels & Linens ......

Fragrant Herbs........
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables.........
Little Birds Nests.....

      Simple touches of springtime sprinkled throughout our home has created so much beauty & joy.  An almost tangible weight of the darkness of winter.... lifted.  Hope.  Rebirth.
      As the windows are thrown open and fragrant spring breezes awaken our senses, may you consider the beauty of our Creator......and how much He loves you.
Grateful For His Sacrifice,
"Sweet spring, full of sweet days and roses, A box where
sweets compacted lie."   - George Herbert


  1. What a lovely collection of pleasant images...and I also am "Grateful for His Sacrifice."
    Bless you,

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing and Praise God for all the beauty he has created!