Sunday, July 1, 2012

Colorado Wildfire

Just west of our home, an open field gives way to the Colorado mountains
and a spectacular, albeit a little unsettling, view of the raging wildfire.
For several weeks now, we have watched wasp-like helicopters fly overhead,
closed our windows to the suffocating smoke and during a light breeze, swept ash off our front porch.  Knowing full well, to be thankful I have a porch to sweep off.

The intensity of it all is now diminishing, yet I thought I would share some images of these past several weeks where I live.  My heart aches and I am very aware that further down south, in Colorado Springs, the wildfire has been extremely devasting.

Taken from my children's bedroom window

National Guard moving in
Something that was wonderful to experience throughout our community during this difficult time:
             an outward expression of gratitude for our firefighters.

After a long and very tiring shift, firefighters would come down from the mountains and pass by our neighborhood.  As we became aware of their nightly descent, our neighborhood began to gather on the road to express our heartfelt appreciation.

Tired smiles and blackened hands waved as they passed by.

Our son, Isaac waves to the firefighters.

As I stood with the crowd as truck after truck passed by and I actually saw the faces of the brave crews that risked it all, I kept fighting back the urge to cry at such an outward expression. 

At the beginning of the fire, we nervously looked at the maps on the internet of the fire and talked of evacuation.

What would we pack?
What is important to salvage?

My children amazed me with their sober wisdom & straightforwardness about the priceless things in their lives. 

If anything from these several weeks this summer, aside from the intense heartbreak from so many in our area, I've been given the fresh reminder that I need to keep my vision on the truly important things in life.  Things that wildfires cannot ravage to ash. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those whose lives were forever changed because of the Colorado wildfires.....

Under His Wings,


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